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Quote No.3 The Back of the Napkins

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Desayunando y discutiendo ideas con A.rus.spice en la Cafeteria del Conde, decidi retomar una practica considerada por muchos tech freaks como “antiquada” que defiendo desde hace mucho, se trata sobre “Escribir ideas en servilletas”. Les comento que esta idea es defendida por la Universidad de Stanford y por muchos teoricos del Pensamiento de Diseno.

Les dejo unos quotes que a mi me parecen muy relevantes sobre el pensamiento de diseno y el uso de servilletas para transmitir ideas.

“Visual thinking is our innate ability to use our eyes and our mind’s eye to discover, develop and share ideas.

Visual thinking is 20% vision science, 20% cognitive science, 20% psychology, 20% information visualization, 20% show and tell, and about 5% poker.”      – Dan Roam

The Back of the Napkin - Dan Roam

The Back of the Napkin - Dan Roam

“Used properly, a simple drawing on a humble napkin is more powerful than Excel or PowerPoint. It can help crystallize ideas, think outside the box, and communicate in a way that people simply “get”.”

Dan Roam

DManifesto (Escuela de Diseno de Stanford)

D'Manifesto (Escuela de Diseno de Stanford)

What is it about drawing that makes it such a powerful tool?
When you put pen to paper, an amazing thing happens. It doesn’t matter how accurately you’re drawing. But it’s got to work at a cognitive level, when our mind is able to see, spontaneously, with our hands, what we’re thinking about while we’re thinking it. That act opens up channels in our brains that I’m convinced are closed when we’re working solely through computer software.

I’m not a luddite by any means. I use computers all the time. But when it comes to idea discovery, or trying to convey an idea to someone quickly, I avoid using the computer, because I know that regardless of how good the software is, its capacity for problem solving is a fraction of my brain’s ability. With any piece of software, we make a deal when we’re working with it. The software says, “I will give you the results that you want if you’re willing to use the tools I give you in the way that they were designed to be used.”   Ver mas en Metropolitan Mag

– Dan Roam


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agosto 17, 2008 a 4:54 pm


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